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Things you must consider when choosing the place for your wedding

Things you must consider when choosing the place for your wedding

An amazing wedding is what can separate you and your partner’s celebration from the rest. With family, friends and everyone you invite there to witness you and your partner’s union, you are going to be relieved to read this article on much needed considerations for planning your wedding. It's important to destination wedding planner reviews and choose the best.

The Destination and Venue

It is going to seem obvious, but it can’t be stated often enough. When choosing your venue and surrounding area, pick one that aligns with your particular, personalized vision of what you want. The aesthetic you have in mind for your day should be matched by your surroundings.

If you want to incorporate a nature-centered theme, don’t just hang plants everywhere. Go out and find the perfect place in the world that automatically gives you that nature-centered aesthetic. The forest, the beach, rivers, or even a simple yet nice outdoor park. If you want a more modern wedding, then maybe a nicely designed art gallery, a Michelin Star restaurant, anywhere in the world that fits your vision.

It is important to create a real, genuine link between the place you have your wedding and the theme and vibe of the wedding itself. This will help everyone, including you, to feel a greater sense of belonging there in that moment and place.

Talk to a Planner!

Yes, you are going to need to at least consult with a planner before you really start looking at destinations for your venue. A planner will have much more knowledge on the capabilities of a space, how to utilize certain features for your benefit, and how much time and items you will need to transform it into YOUR space. Remember, a planner with experience has probably seen many venue faux pas in the past, and it is their knowledge that will help you avoid any unforeseen accidents and surprises.

Read destination wedding planner reviews and check who you are going to take advice from. Del Cabo Event Design is a name that comes highly recommended for highly detailed planning and service.

Consider the Guest’s Experience

If you have many guests who aren't local, or if you are all travelling to the chosen destination, look for somewhere close to a hotel or other accommodation to ease your guest’s travel headaches. If it’s a place they haven’t visited before, navigating the area could cause extra stress and anxiety which you don’t want.

Also, consider their experience while there at the venue. Of course, it is you and your partner’s day! And while it is all about your wedding, your guests need to feel catered for and considered. You can ask caterers if they are able to customize parts of a menu for your guests.

Consider the capacity of your venue, because hitting the maximum capacity of a room can be cramped and uncomfortable, even though technically you were told that it can fit x amount. Is the venue suitable for people wearing heels or luxurious clothes? Will they be able to move freely or end up cramped, pushing past each other?

There is a lot to think about, but remember, it comes down to your guests coming together in a beautiful place to celebrate your relationship. Look after the people and connect them, yourself and the entire event to the venue and landscape in a way that expresses your vision.

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