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Ideas to make your pet part of your wedding

Ideas to make your pet part of your wedding

Getting married is a lot more than simply joining your life legally to someone else. It’s an event worthy of a celebration. It’s a moment to be shared with friends, family, and of course, your darling pet. Making your pet part of your wedding is the cherry on the ice-cream, get the best Cabo wedding planners to help you bring your dreams to life.

Pets have been gaining a deeper spot in people’s hearts. They’re finally getting the place that the very much deserve, and they sure deserve a place in your wedding. You’re probably wondering, “how?”

We know that you want your pet to be there, and be able to see its cute face in every picture and video. You might think that your pet will get bored, but you would be surprised. Your wedding can also be the happiest day of his/her life, here’s how.

Choose a beach location

We all know that dogs are especially happy at the beach, where they can run, play and enjoy the endless summer. Cabo is the perfect place to have a beach wedding where your dog can be the guest of honor and where you can delight in the mesmerizing scenery. Get the best wedding planners in Cabo to make it a vision of perfection and a memory to cherish.

Dress him/her for the big day

Make sure your furry friend is dressed to the nines so it can blend in appropriately with the other guests. There are adorable formal outfits for pets in several stores. It can just be something small like a black-tie bow or a nice flower on the head. A small accessory to show that even your pet is ready for the big day, but also allowing it to be comfortable.

Include your buddy in the photos

There will be LOTS of photos and videos being taken. Make sure to include your best friend in them. Pets can really spark a photo and turn something ordinary into a photo worthy of being framed. Your pet is part of your family, and as such, it deserves to be in your wedding photos. A few years from now, after your pet is long gone, you’ll cherish those photos even more.

Make him/her part of the ceremony

The best wedding planners in Cabo will help you find the best job and position for your pet at your wedding. They’ll determine if your dog is best for being the ring bearer, best man or maid of honor. There will be many positions to fill, and your pet will surely be able to accomplish one of them.

Carry your pet down the aisle

Instead of carrying a bucket of decaying flowers, just have your pet with you. It’s a magical way of bringing an extra flow of charm to the ceremony. Having your pet with you will also help to soothe your nerves and feel more comfortable. It will also give you an extra edge, flowers have been a tradition for too many decades, it’s time for an exciting change.  

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