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Gift Ideas for Your Corporate Event

Gift Ideas for Your Corporate Event

We all know that the best corporate events leave an impression in the minds of your clients and employees that they will never forget. As well as the perfect experience, it is important to make sure that your gifts for the event are unique and memorable too. Event planners know that this is an opportunity to give people something to take home that will continue to remind them of your company. The right gift doesn’t have to be exorbitantly expensive so long as the thought goes into it, and you will find plenty of options in Cabo San Lucas, so read on!

Local Art and products

Consider supporting local brands and artists with your gift ideas. Anything from engraved or carved jewelry, miniature paintings, health products, balms, lotions, locally brewed alcohol or even a taste of some local chocolate and other delicacies that can be taken home and savored will add more enjoyment that is associated with your company. Talk with your event planner who will know more about great local brands.

Charity Donations

Because we are all becoming more conscientious of creating a better world, your guests may really enjoy knowing that together with the company, they can make a difference. Speak with local event planners who will know of local charities that could use some extra donations, or find some international charities that align with your company’s direction. You can create a list of charities that will be presented to your clients and guests to let them choose who to donate to. This will send the message that not only can your company make a difference, but that you also care about others and are a good force in this world.

Travel Chargers/Adapters

Globalization and business go hand in hand, so it makes sense that if clients and employees are travelling to the four corners of the globe for your company, you can make things a little easier on them by providing travel adapters for the regions they visit with different electrical outlets. Globally, there are 15 different types of electrical outlets. Consider where your guests could be flying to or coming from, or provide a selection of the most common ones such as for Europe, Australasia, the U.K., South America, China and Japan. 

Personalized Notebooks

This gift is one that you can easily customize for your corporate event to make it unique to your company and the needs of your clients. There is a range of notebooks you can design and order online, so consider printing your company logo and slogan on the front or in the corner of the pages. You can add important information such as contact details for your company, or a list of details for popular tourist sites and attractions found in Cabo San Lucas. The local event planners may even be able to work out some discounts for local attractions which you can include within the notebook, along with important dates for your company.

Virtual Gifts

You would be surprised at what virtual gifts you can send to your guests, and the best part is that these are less likely to be lost in all of the fun of your event. You can create a video of the event itself to share with everyone that attended to remind them of the connections they made. You can also gift online courses from sites such as Skillshare that align with the practices and focus of the company. Online vouchers for shopping can also be a great idea. 

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