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Style Your Wedding Mexican Chic

Style Your Wedding Mexican Chic

Mexican chic is vibrant colors, beautiful designs, exotic culture and countless possibilities that can turn your wedding into a visual, and of course, a gastronomic delight. A wedding planner can help you make your wedding into a Frida Kahlo work of art. 

Thanks to its rich culture, Mexican chic offers many beautiful symbols and cultural talents that can be incorporated into your wedding; vibrant flowers, exquisite embroidery, hummingbirds, piñatas, stylish braids and so much more. 

Mexican chic is a style that is ageless, cheerful, artistic and elegant at the same time. It’s the touch that will give your wedding magic and originality. 

Dress and Hair

Mexican chic is so inspirational that it has even made its way on to European runways, such as in the case of Alberta Ferretti’s spring-summer 2014 selection. She drew her creativity and inspiration from traditional Mexican colors, designs and embroidery to create her collection. 

If you’re looking for a traditional white dress with a splash of color, definitely opt for a Mexican chic dress. You can compliment the look with crown style braids and beautiful flowers in your hair. 


Here is where your imagination will become limitless. Mexican style has something to offer for every single detail that you can think of. Tables can be decorated with dashing vibrant table cloths, elaborate flower decorations for center pieces, tarritos (a type of pottery cup) instead of ordinary glasses, and even papel picado (a type of traditional paper that is cut to create a design) if you want to go full-on Mexican.

Your wedding planner will help you create the perfect combination to give you your dream wedding. 


You will be in for quite a treat. 

Mexican gastronomy has a wide variety of traditional dishes according to every state of the country. When it comes to food, Mexico is pretty much its own world. 

You can find elegant and elaborate dishes such as chiles en nogada, an elaborate Mexican dish that is made with chile poblano, peaches, apples, nuts, onion and ground beef, among many other ingredients. 

However, it’s also important to mention that Mexican cuisine offers an option for every course of the meal. Delicious entrees, deserts, candy, drinks and the list goes on. 

You’ll be lucky if you can fit in your wedding dress by the end of the night. 

It’s best that you consult with your wedding planner to decide the type of food that you would like at your wedding.


Most people think of a wedding with just two entertaining activities; eating and dancing. Nevertheless, a Mexican styled wedding opens the window to other traditional and fun activities that can spark up the enthusiasm, like a round of lotería (a bingo type of game using Mexican symbols instead of numbers) and of course the worldwide famous piñatas. 

You can fill the piñata with anything that you want. It could be candy, or you can even throw in a few spa service gift cards.  


Coming up with creative ideas of gifts for your guests can be complicated, given the budget, suitcase space and weight to take into consideration when planning a destination wedding. 

But Mexico has something for everyone. 

For gifts you can give beautiful, traditional, hand-sewn chakira bracelets for the ladies, and for the men small individual tequila bottles. 

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