An Alpi Teepee…haven’t heard of one? We hadn’t either, but when we first came in contact with one, we fell in love and had to have them for our Cabo beach events! They are truly awesome…so fun and festive!  And the best thing is that your guests will love them too.  They are so incredible that we feel it is important to let you know 3 ways that these cool teepees will help your guests…fall in love! You’ll definitely want one of these show-stoppers at your next beach event!Boiler50_BeachParty_0040

#1 They’ll fall in love (again) with the beach and the ocean.  Because these teepees provide the perfect amount of shade during our warm, tropical days, your guests can hang out comfortably on any beach in Cabo! With the waves crashing…with the warm sand on their feet! None of us ever gets enough beach time…so give this to your guests and let them fall in love again!Boiler50_BeachParty_0020

#2 They’ll fall in love with Cabo.  We’re sorry, but an Alpi teepee is just not going to work in New York City or at a suburban event center.  And most U.S. beach towns don’t let you do your event actually right on the sand, mere feet from the sea’s shores. It’s only when your guests come to Cabo, relax on a cushion on the sand, that they realize they have fallen in love with this town…and they can’t wait until they can come back again… soon! Boiler50_BeachParty_0159

#3 They may just fall in love with a new special someone (or reignite the flame with their long-time love!)  Talk about a romantic atmosphere…when these Alpi teepees light up at night, and folks are hanging out, watching the sunset and/or the moonrise, on either our lounge furniture or huge pillows, amorous feelings will arise!

Contact us today at to make sure you add one of these to your event set-up! Your guests will LOVE you for it!

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